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All Sports Compression Sleeves Compression Sleeves
All Sports Compression Sleeves
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O2 Running Socks Compression Socks
O2 Running Socks
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Progressive Running Socks Compression Socks
Progressive Running Socks
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Trekking O2 Compression Hiking Socks Compression Socks
Trekking O2 Compression Hiking Socks
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Walking Socks Compression Socks
Walking Socks
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Motion Sport Compression Socks
Motion Sport
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Compression Socks For Trekking

For pleasure-seeking hikers and climbers

The scientifically optimized pressure flow provides your muscles with the maximum amount of oxygen and energy.

Hike Worry-free · Regenerate Faster · Feel Better

An immaculate view, crystal-clear mountain air and a fascinating world up on the mountain – hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities for people in their free time. An important prerequisite for hiking is to enjoy it, because long and tiresome hikes up and down the mountain can leave legs and feet fatigued and aching. And if blisters come into play then each kilometer is torture.

In addition to a very comfortable wear that does not cause blisters, CEP compression sportsocks are the first functional sport socks with a patented pressure flow that provide a scientifically proven increase in blood circulation and a consequent increase in performance.

iPS®: Additional support of the Achilles tendon protects and prevents irritable tendons.

Simultaneously, the high-tech socks provide a more evenly distributed strain on stressed muscles and tendons. This facilitates the entire sequence of motion to become more precise and effective, in turn helping to prevent an overworking of the muscles.

Achilles Tendon Support: Additional support of the Achilles tendon protects and prevents irritable tendons.

Padded Foot Soles/Shin and Ankle Area: The special support of the foot sole prevents irritations caused by pressure spots.

Ventilation Channels: For a pleasant foot climate.

Inner foot support: Stabilizes and regulates the pressure in the inner shaft.

Silver thread: The extra real silver thread in the toe and heel areas of the sock prevents the development of bacteria which cause an unpleasant smell and skin irritations.

3-D Fit: The socks adjust to the anatomy of the foot for a perfect fit thanks to the three-dimensional manufacturing process.

Color: Grey

Material: 84% Polyamid, 15% Elasthan, 1% Silver