What are the differences between the various CEP socks?

What is the difference between the various CEP socks?

Running and walking are basically identical aside from the pressure measurements.

Trekking - key differences: threads and cushioning is made with silver microbial threads to help eliminate bacteria as hiking boots are often full leather and don’t breath very well.  They are also thicker for durability and warmth.  Trekking socks are made with additional cushioning in key blister spots (Toes, heel and ankles)

Skiing: Padding on the shin for "Boot Bang”, extra padding on the ankle bones with the perfect fit to create a second skin.


What is the compression in CEP Products?

Running & Progressive – starts at 22-24mmHg (millimeters of Mercury) and ends up at 18mmHg in the calf – consistent compression on the calf.

AllSport Calf Sleeve - same as the Running without the foot

Trekking, Walking & Skiing - 18-20mmHg in the ankle, 15mmHg in the calf.  


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