Compression Therapy for Athletes

Medically correct compression??? What is that and what is the difference? 

A medical grade compression stocking is NOT just a tight sock and quite different from a number of products on the market that are not medically correct.  These are normally sporting goods companies that do not have a medical background.  They have created products that have higher compression at the calf than at the ankle.  This creates a virtual tourniquet and slows blood flow out of the leg. If you put your hand in the CEP sock ( or any high grade medical sock ) up to the ankle and have them open their hand. Then pull the hand out a little bit and have them open their hand = less pressure.  Pull out further, = less pressure.  This is called GRADUATED COMPRESSION. This is the opposite from competitor socks.  They have little to no pressure at the ankle yet more at the calf and that is not even taking into account the shape of the leg!  The CEP socks have been manufactured millimeter by millimeter to create the right amount of pressure all the way up the calf in order to maximize the circulation.  You get what you pay for sometimes.

What can CEP socks do for me?

Overall note: we have seen fewer stress related injuries and relief of many pain and cramping issues from athletes who have changed to CEP compression, some very noticeable. There is certainly a good chance CEP can help you with any pain you experience.

Plantar Fasciitis:  For some it has made a difference within seconds, completely eliminating pain. At the Ironman Canada, we had a lady that the relief was within seconds, she was literally jumping up and down, trying to initiate the pain again, and nothing.  15 minutes later, we had someone else come in with the same problem and there was no immediate relief, so, it depends on the athlete.

Achilles tendonitis: one of the key issues with healing this injury is there is limited blood flow around the Achilles.  The socks can significantly increase blood flow, which can help heal.  It is even recommended by many health professionals to sleep in the socks to aid in the healing process.  Tight calf muscles are often key contributors to Achilles problems, the CEP socks help to loosen the muscle which can reduce the pain from existing or possibly help prevent the onset of the injury

Shin splints: tight calf muscles are also key contributors to shin splints. The CEP socks help to loosen the muscle which can reduce the pain from existing or possibly help prevent the onset of the injury. The socks also reduce vibration and may help prevent micro tears in the muscle.

Calf cramping: CEP socks have had a dramatic impact on people suffering from cramping in their calves.  Severe cramping in the calves is commonly seen in people with venous insufficiency and varicose veins. With treatment of this condition, the cramping often decreases or resolves entirely. Some athletes have had dramatic results, not only eliminating cramping but also the post race, 48-hour soreness.


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