Compression Socks FAQs

What are the socks like in hot weather?

As soon as you start to sweat, these cool you down (quite noticeably). You can also dump water on them when running in the heat and you’ll experience a cooling effect. The synthetic fibers let you breath!  

How are they in cold weather?

The increase in circulation combined with the moisture wicking threads help keep your feet warmer in colder climates.  

Wet weather? The increase in circulation combined with the moisture wicking threads help keep your feet warmer.

How long will the socks last?

If you wore CEP socks every other day they would last you a year. Most athletes have a few pair they rotate. We recommend changing them out once you notice they’re easier to get on. This is usually after 8-12 months.  

Recommended length of use:

You can wear CEP as long as it’s comfortable for you. We have customers that wear them all day every day and some that even where them at night. Test them for yourself and do what’s best. There’s no contraindication (risk) wearing them for too long however always consult your physician if you have health issues or concerns.

Can I wash them in the washing machine?

Socks and sleeves: Machine wash cold or warm, tumble dry low heat (No Wool-Lite)

Compression Apparel: Machine wash cold with basic detergent, lay flat to dry

Will washing them less prolong their use?

No, in fact the socks compression profile can be negatively affected by dirt, so washing them after every wear is highly recommended. 

Are these just for recovery? 

Definitely not.  The dramatic increase in circulation (30% at rest, 40% at peak) helps in all stages of activity. 

Before: The increased circulation aids in warming up the muscle by passively activating the muscles, getting them ready to perform. 

During: The increase in arterial flow brings more oxygen to the muscles. This increase power and in the study using CEP socks athlete had 5% faster running times! That’s 10 min in a marathon.

After: The increased circulation helps to flush out the muscles and eliminate the lactate and Hydrogen ions that cause soreness in addition to supplying the muscles with the nutrients to repair damage and aid re-hydration. In fact, most athletes appreciate the rapid recovery made possible by CEP compression.  

Are these socks only good for long runs? 

Definitely not.  CEP sponsors the German National Soccer Team, National Downhill Ski Team and athletes in Canadian football that are noticing great benefits from the CEP products. Football players are reporting more explosive muscles, quicker reaction times, fresher in the 4th quarter, and cooler in hot temperatures, all very welcome benefits!  We have seen racers running very short races, even 5k and less reporting noticeable benefits and even faster times.  Bottom line is: increased circulation helps almost any athlete, especially when it comes to the lower leg.    

Are there any harmful effects of wearing compression? 

As long as it is medically correct, the only contraindication is for a weak lower left ventricle (not typically an issue with an athlete) as the venous return system is moving blood faster to the heart than normal. Too much compression however, over 30mmHg, needs to be prescribed. CEP is at most 25mmHg so there’s no risk. As always, consult your physician before trying anything new.

Can you develop a dependency on compression? 

There are no studies that we are aware of that support a dependency on compression.  People with medical issues are often prescribed compression wear to slow down the onset or further development of medical issues such as varicose veins. As far as we know there is no issue.  

Other uses? 

Traveling and injury recovery are the big ones.

Travel: Did you know that 83% of all DVT’s (Blood Clots in the Veins) from traveling are Endurance Athletes? Wow! That means if you’re in shape you’re more at risk. Why? Athletes have a slower rest heart rate and when they travel blood slows dramatically. Our bodies were not made to fly on planes.  The increased elevation, increased cabin pressure, combined with the lack of activity often result in swollen feet which can even be painful.

Our venous system does not work particularly well on planes and is unhealthy for us overall.  This is especially noticeable on long flights.  In the worst case, people have been known to develop blood clots on planes, which can lead to an embolism, very serious stuff! CEP socks are very effective in keeping the blood flow going even when we are sitting on a plane. It helps to reduce swelling in a big way. If you prefer a dress sock, please visit our medical compression store to view the entire line of mens and womens graduated compression socks.

Injury recovery: the increased blood flow helps in the healing process by moving more healthy blood past the injured tissue, ligaments and/or tendons.  We have seen athletes with torn Achilles tendons who have complained of swelling feet, resulting in great pain that required frequent icing to control the swelling and pain.  After putting on the CEP socks, the swelling, pain and need for icing was completely eliminated.  

Who wears CEP?

Anyone who wants to feel better before, during or after activity. We have seen recreational athletes find great benefits from this product as it reduces pain and the likelihood of injury.  If we can reduce our injuries, pain and soreness, we can do what we love, longer and more often.


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