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Athletic compression not only for distance runners

LONG jumper Mitch Watt is largely unknown but.......  the Brisbane-based jumper will head into the London Olympics as the gold medal favourite. Watt has turned a pair of long black compression socks into part of his jumping wardrobe, a fashion the country's young jumpers have been quick to emulate. Now if he can only jump to his potential in London, the socks might reach cult status for the unlikely trendsetter.

"In Europe last year Adidas randomly sent me a pair of compression socks in the mail. It was cold in Cologne and I am not superstitious, but I had a great training session wearing them, and the next competition was in Stockholm so I said I might as well wear them," says 24-year-old Watt.

"The first competition I broke Jai (Taurima's national) record and then in the competition after that I broke the stadium record in Crystal Palace. Then someone told me that at this year's all-school nationals at Olympic Park half the jumpers had long black socks on. Obviously being in track and field you don't expect that (reaction), but it would be great if I could inspire a few kids to do well or take up athletics." To learn more,


Bill Schroedter
posted by Bill Schroedter
on Mon., May 7th, 2012
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