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Jeannie White to compete in IRONMAN in at Tempe Arizona!

I am about to compete in my first full Ironman competition!

I am an avid triathlete and have competed in numerous competitions over the past several years. I have been training exclusively for the full Ironman for the past 1 1/2 years and am now ready. I chose Tempe Arizona as the place to fulfill this lifelong goal. This competition is the ultimate athletic competition that tests the mind as well as the body! For any readers that are not familiar with a full ironman, it is outlined below.

Swim Course (2.4 miles)

The race kicks off with a single-loop swim in Tempe Town Lake. The deep-water start is just east of the Mill Ave. bridges and begins by heading east. The rectangular course will go just past Rural Road bridge and first turn north and then west all the way back under the Mill Ave. bridges, where another turn south will put athletes on course to head straight back to shore and transition at Tempe Beach Park. Water temperatures should be in the low to mid-60s F.

Bike Course (112 miles)

The relatively flat three-loop course heads out of Tempe and zig-zags out to the Beeline Highway, which gradually climbs approximately 10 miles through the Sonoran Desert to the turnaround just before Shea Boulevard. Athletes then return to Tempe Beach Park to start their second and third laps.

Run Course (26.2 miles)
The run course is flat and spectator-friendly with a few small rollers, as athletes wind their way around Tempe Town Lake and through Papago Park. Athletes should be sure to pack a visor or hat in their T2 bags, as the course offers very little shade.

For more information or to follow her results

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Jean White
posted by Jean White
on Wed., Nov 16th, 2011
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